Danny Babineaux

* Getting Started on Your Pet Commission *


  • First, send me Your Pet's Photos

                       I need several Photos of your Dog or Cat... or other pets.

                       Clear, High Resolution photos create better results.

                        Email Your Photos to:    dannybabineaux@outlook.com



  • We will Discuss What You Want

                            I will communicate with you and we'll discuss which photo might work best.

                            I may crop your photo for a better composition, and I'll email you an image and get your approval before I begin the PAINTING.

                            We'll discuss canvas SIZE and PRICE, which varies by dimension.  Visit my Prices Page

  • Time Frame

                             The Painting may take 2-3 weeks depending on complexity of the photo, how many pets and if I have other work.

                             I will give you a clear idea once we start communicating.

                              There is also drying time and varnishing of the artwork as well.

  • Shipping and Delivery

                               I ship in the United States, as well as Internationally.  (Note: A Shipping Charge will apply)

                                I use either United States Postal Service......UPS.....or Fed Ex, depending on where it is going and the size of the canvas.

                                Your Artwork will be shipped soon as canvas is dry.

  • All Canvases are Gallery Wrapped

                           Gallery Wrapped Canvases are 1.5 " Deep

                           The sides are painted to compliment Your Pet Artwork


                         Framing Your Pet Painting is NOT Necessary......But You can if You Like

                         The backside comes ready to be hung on your wall, with hanging wire attached.  No fuss!

                      * Note:    A 25% Non-Refundable Deposit is to be paid before I begin working.

                      * A Shipping Charge will be added to the Price of the Painting.  (Depending on Canvas Size)