Danny Babineaux


"Visa & Andy"

"Thank you for such a phenomenal capturing of the personalities of two very different furry friends, Visa and Andy.  Susan absolutely loves it!   All I can say is that I cried when I saw it. Thank you so much Danny!

Needless to say, these two dogs have been 'our children together,' so they are an essential element of the years of joy we've had so far.  Soon, we will put the canvas on our living room wall so we can look at it every day.

You have contributed more than you know to our Anniversary.  Thank you, Danny!

-Kelly Shaver....Charleston, South Carolina


"When Zack passed, it was the most difficult time of my life. I have had many dogs and cats, but Zack was special, and I knew it from the first time he laid those gorgeous brown eyes on me. I went into a deep depression, and sought all pictures of Zack to surround myself with. Then, when my painting Zackman arrived, I felt I had my little guy back with me in some way. He overlooks everyone who comes in the door, and I see him all the time. Danny brought my baby back, and for that I'm forever in his debt. I love you Danny for how you captured, exactly, Zack's 'working the crowd' act."

-Dr. Mary Ann Von Glinow   Miami Beach, FL


"Kristi's Babies"

"Danny captured my babies in such a way that their true spirit and personality comes through.  He took the time to learn their story and understand their unique characteristics, so as he painted them, their essence would come through.  I absolutely love the painting and am grateful to have met Danny to receive this amazing gift from his incredibly talented hands."

-Kristi Stogo.....Spicewood, Texas

Patti Fitz.jpg


Danny,  l LOVE the picture of Fitz!   It was a complete surprise and I love it because it captures him perfectly,

And. because you painted it, I smile at it every single time I pass by it.  This was a wonderful birthday gift from my husband, and Fitz and I are forever in your debt.

-Patti Greene...Austin TX


"This was an amazing gift from my daughter on Mother's Day."   It brought tears to my eyes!

Thank you for capturing Maggie's spirit!   We are taking it day by day with Maggie... letting her hunt and eat whatever she wants! 

Danny, thank you so much for your talent!  God bless you!"

-Dolly Elizondo...Houston, Texas


Emmie Web.JPG


"Danny, what can I say but Thank You for capturing my baby Emmie with that gorgeous look on her face, everytime you would pick up a tennis ball. When she passed I was looking for something to remember that look.

She is my baby and I will miss her terribly. You captured her personality and expression in this beautiful and amazing art work.

The details and the quality in your art is perfect. Emmie now sits on my night table so that I can see her every morning and night when I go to bed.  Again Thank you so much!"

-Michelle Mills....West Virginia



"My husband has a few, very specific loves: and one is his precious princess, 'The Opal.'  She is HIS cat, and they are inseparable.  I was so excited to see Danny’s ad at our vet.  It was one of those lightbulb moments.  

Danny was so easy to work with, and he got on the project so quickly.  I simply sent Danny a variety of Opal pictures, and he got started.  He provided me with updates and comments along the way.  

I was so excited to receive her portrait, but it was even better than expected!  Danny captured her spirit.  He is so talented!  I could barely contain myself before giving my husband his painting.  Steve was blown away!  He said it was one of the best presents he’s ever received.  It sits right next to his computer monitor, and he looks at it every day.  Of course, the real Opal is in his arms the whole time.

 Thank You, Danny!  You created a once-in-a-lifetime gift for Steve that he will cherish always."

-Laura Phillips.....Lakeway, Texas


"I have received Tesy!!  She is beautiful!   Danny, I can never thank you enough for this very special painting. I have no words. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

-Melanie Favre Gauthier .....New Orleans, Louisiana


"The picture you painted of our dog Gracie,  immediately  became a cherished family heirloom!  You were able to capture the spirit in her eyes and her playful demeanor... and you put it on canvas!  How you do it, I’ll never know. You are a gifted artist and I am grateful!  This was the best present I could give our family!  Thank you again"

-Jeff Nazarro.....Austin, Texas



"This painting means so much to me! I love my Kitty, and Danny captured her in such a beautiful way. I have placed the painting by my stairs at home, so every morning when I wake up I pass by her, and every night before I go to bed I see the painting again. It will be a sad day when Kitty passes, but at least I will have this painting to always remember her by.  Danny's style is so unique and one of a kind. I can't imagine a better painting of Kitty.  Danny did a fantastic job.  I love my painting!"

-Maria Salmeron.....Austin, Texas


"Zeus, Madison and Lovey"

"Thank you so much for painting our beautiful cats!   You have captured their personalities perfectly.  I will always cherish this piece of art as they are family.   The colors and tones are really amazing!   Beautiful job!"

-Dr. Alan Carsrud.....Spicewood, Texas



"Damn Danny!   You really captured my Humphrey dog.  I will have to get you to paint my dog Rusty who is no longer with us.  Thank you so much."

-Dave E......Austin, Texas